What causes a chipped, cracked or broken tooth?

The possible causes of a chipped tooth, cracked tooth or broken tooth include: falling and hitting your mouth, biting into hard food, trauma to the face or untreated cavities.

How do I know?

Broken teeth are easily self-diagnosed, however it can be difficult to tell if your tooth is cracked or chipped. Chipped teeth can be detected by a sharp edge along your tooth.

Cracked teeth show a wide range of symptoms. The most common symptom associated with a cracked tooth is pain in response to pressure (chewing or biting) and sensitivity or pain when the tooth is exposed to temperature extremes.

What can be done?

If your tooth fracture isn’t near the pulp chamber then it can often be repaired using filling material. If over 50% of the tooth structure is broken, a crown may be required to maintain structural integrity and to prevent further damage.

If a tooth is severely broken it may need to be extracted. If you have a broken tooth, please contact us now to schedule an appointment.