If you are having tooth pain please call Complete Family Dentistry for all your emergency dental needs.

Tooth pain is your body’s protective response that can range from minor sensitivity to hot and cold to severe pain. This response is an indication that something is wrong. Tooth pain is caused by the nerves within the pulp chamber reacting to a stimulus.

What are your tooth pain symptoms?

If you are experiencing a toothache or have pain in multiple teeth, there are various symptoms that may be related.

Sensitivity: If sensitivity only lasts for a few seconds then generally it is not an indication of a serious problem. It may be caused from exposure of your roots from brushing an area too hard. It is not necessary to visit your dentist for an emergency exam with this symptom unless the pain lasts a significantly longer time.

Sharp Pain: If you have a sharp tooth pain while biting into food, this may be an indication of tooth decay or problems with the tooth structure. If the pain is persistent, please visit your dentist for an exam.

Dull Ache and Pressure: If you have pressure and achy teeth, this may be a result from sinus pressure. Often pain and inflammation within the sinus area of the face affects the nerves within the teeth, making them feel uncomfortable while you are sick. If the symptoms last past your sickness, visit your dentist for an exam.

Constant Aching Pain/Swelling: If you have constant, aching pain it is vitally important to visit your dentist as soon as possible, especially if swelling occurs. This symptom could be caused by an infection within the pulp tissue of the tooth and can result in other serious infections. If left untreated, the pain could become worse and you may lose your tooth and potentially surrounding teeth.